The Future Of Makeup Is Here!

The makeup industry is rapidly evolving. The development of futuristic products and concepts will alter the way consumers use cosmetics in the very near future.

Now there’s magic printers that can replicate exact makeup products, and mirrors that offer full makeup demonstrations accompanied with in-depth skin care advice.

The beauty industry as a whole will soon be changed forever thanks to these innovative ideas. Celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Grace Choi created the “The Mink”, a 3D makeup printing machine. The Mink can digitally copy any makeup products suggestions by your favorite beauty bloggers by printing your own version of the products down to the precise color or shade. Now other brands are making strides to further develop this futuristic advancement in makeup. Loréal Paris and Panasonic Beauty is set to launch even more digital ideas aimed at helping the beauty-challenged figure out their perfect makeup looks by creating apps that actually give you the option to digitally try on lipstick before you purchase it.

As a professional makeup artist and hoarder of all things beauty related, the option to digitally try out products before committing to a purchase is a great money saver. These new advancements are my saving grace since they’ll not only save me money, but time as well. Products like these will drastically diminish the time spent shopping for makeup and make it easy to renew a “Must Have” product after it’s discontinued.

The Mink Makeup Printer costs about $300, but it’s worth every penny if your not skilled at choosing and applying makeup. Imagine having the capability to print all the makeup you desire from the comfort of your own home. With The Mink Makeup Printer you can print all the makeup products you desire.

The MODA is another revolutionary makeup tool soon to be available to beauty consumers. The MODA actually allows you to upload the look you desire and spray it on your face in five minutes!



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