By: Cyril Caton - CC BY 2.0

From 8 Million to 500,000 on Alexa, Fast!

The goal was to find a single resource—a roadmap or blueprint—to take my blog with minimal traffic and turn it into something significant. I was a few months away from launching a book and needed a platform to make it happen.
The problem was not insufficient information; the problem was too much information. The Internet is full of advice ranging in price from free to six figures, promising the answer. I did not want to become a professional blogger, but I wanted to learn enough to build my blog into something that could be taken seriously.
I decided to pick one product and stick to it. That worked, and it’s continuing to work. With a publishing schedule producing only three to four posts each month, here’s what I did to bring my blog, which was ranked at 8 million, to less than 500k on Alexa, fast.

Christian ist Gestalter und Unternehmer, und arbeitet zusammen mit Ursula seit 2007 an "Projekt Naturgesund". Er trinkt gerne Grüne Smooties und reist - wenn er die Zeit dazu findet - kreuz und quer durch die Welt

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